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They Have Arrived – April 5, 2016

We welcomed in 9 new puppies between 5:13pm PST and 9:22. Jessie has 7 boys and 2 girls.

All are healthy and nursing well. Jan and I spent the night monitoring. With nine puppies we are careful to observe that they are all getting their turn nursing.

Frequently visit the 2016 Litter "B" page from the menu above for the collection of pictures we will post.

We have been enjoying the addition to our family of another female Eurasier named "Lexy". She is from Oslo, Norway.

Lille Lexy Av Nixenspitze

Born: September 19, 2015 Oslo, Norway
Arrived San Diego: November 12, 2015
We will be creating a page for Lexy with pictures of her growing up.

You Have to LOVE Eurasiers

We instantly fell in love with the breed. They are really furry people. They will give you great love and become part of the family.

We have been breeding for twelve years and have sent Eurasiers from the Yukon to Mexico and all parts East.

We want everybody to know about the breed.

If you have a question or just want to know more, just give us a call or use the Contact Us Form.

About San Diego Eurasiers

We have been international Eurasier Breeders since 2004. We were introduced to the breed by a well-known breeder from Canada.

We were introduced to the breed and immediately fell in love with the breed for all of its great characteristics. We helped deliver our first Eurasier, Bandit.

Our first litter was well received with pups going to the Yukon, Canada, the United States and Mexico.

Not only is it a great joy raising the pups the first eight weeks before owners pick them up, but also seeing and hearing the wonderful relationships it has brought to families.

Seeing them grow over the first year is amazing.

Our Process

We are constantly receiving requests regarding availability of our Eurasiers.

We start with a informative phone call to get to know you and your situation. We want to guarantee that the environment and family situation is the right one for both parties.

Once passed this stage, we will have you fill out an application. This can sometimes be more than a year in advance. Yes the waiting list can be long, but things can change and some applicants drop off the list.

We do not collect any money until the litter is born and we know the number available. Then a deposit is taken.

Once a deposit is taken you are in the pool to be selected.

Based upon your situation and sex preference desired, we begin to narrow a final allocation.

See our INITIAL EIGHT WEEK section for more information.

Initial Eight Weeks

Once the litter is born we begin an initial eight week observation period.

We first watch and monitor to see that each pup is well and without problems. You will begin to receive pictures or visit our website to see their weekly changes.

At this point we have not identified any pup to an owner. We begin to observe their socialization, activity, and other characteristics. This is very important to place the puppies in the best new home environment.

Be begin the process of training social skills, environmental awareness, potty skills and voice commands.

We confirm you ownership and collect the remaining fee upon pickup.