Eurasier – History

The History of Eurasiers
The Eurasier was developed in the ’60s to be a gentle family dog and protector. German breeder Julius Wipfel began by crossing Chow Chows with Wolfspitzes (which in some countries are considered the same breed as the Keeshond). One Samoyec male also contributed to the new breed’s bloodlines. Originally called the Wolf Chow, the dogs were recognized in 1973 by the Federation Cynologique Internationale and given the name Eurasier to symbolize their combined European and Asian heritage.
The dogs are popular in Germany and Switzerland but are still little known in the United States. The breed was recognized by the United Kennel Club in 1996 under the name Eurasian. The UKC categorizes it as a Northern breed, the FCI consider it a Spitz or Primitive type.